Welcome to Lickup Pickups™!

Lickup Pickups™ give the guitarist the opportunity to have a unique tone to their guitars by having us custom-wind your PAF Humbuckers for you! What's the big deal with this? Well, let's talk a minute about "Other" pickups that are available to the general public. There are incredible pickups out there available in the market today and TONS of pups to choose from, but if you are the type of person who is looking for more of a unique tone that is YOUR tone, we might have something just for you! We custom-wind and assemble your pickups here in USA to your exact specs!

I have been a guitarist for almost 40 years and a guitar builder for 5 years now. Several years ago, I realized that most pickup manufacturers have to hit the same thing that Burger King and McDonald's have to do to burgers (Not ruin them, we are not here to insult anyone!) - they have to achieve a thing called "consistency". If you really like a Big Mac, you expect that when you go to different restaurants. This is actually a good thing in the sense that you know that particular pickup you adore will always sound the same.

We don't do that. And to be quite honest, we actually can't do that! The reason is this: These are hand-wound pickups, which means that we can attempt to get a pickup close to one we already made, but it will not be exactly like the pickup we made using the same magnet, coil wraps, etc.. They will be hardly noticeable in the difference, but because of the fact of them NOT being wound with a computer, the wraps will never be like another pickup.

One of the limitations(so we thought) with making hand-wound pups is that we could only fit around 6000 winds comfortably, so therefore, we were unable to achieve a higher output in ohms. The bigger manufacturers can overwind the bobbins since it is done with a computer. With our research, it was discovered that this is not something that really helps the tonality of a pickup! In reality, overwinding a pickup actually diminishes the natural highs and midrange of a pickup with all of the extra wraps! So if this is true, then how does this affect my tone? Generally speaking, this will make a considerable difference in your overall sound, no matter what guitar you play. The only thing we found we needed to do was turn up the amp slightly louder when they were compared to "hotter pups", but the sounds we began to hear were incredible! We also noticed that when playing "clean", the Lickup Pickups were bringing more acoustics out of the guitars we were testing them on. These pups are great for most styles of players including Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop, etc.

The COOLEST thing we are now going to present to you, is that we are giving YOU total control of your tone with your Lickup Pickups™ because we are letting you decide as to how you want us to make these custom, just for you! There are a few variables to having us make the right pickup for you and if this is something that you are interested in, all we ask is that you please read the ORDER SECTION carefully - it will explain the variables of the pickup(s) we will create for you. All of our pickups come with a 30 day money-back guarantee againsts defects!

If you have been looking for a unique tone for your guitar, you have come to the right place - be prepared to enter the next level and get your licks up with our pickups!